• Introduction
  • Our QHSE policy
  • Our image
  • Vision and mission
  • Success Factors
  • History
  • What we do

    Sinergia is an industrial company specialized in the design and development of plants for the production, treatment, drying, filtration and separation of compressed air and technical gases. Over the years several product innovations have been introduced: adsorption systems, nitrogen generation, manufacturing of shell & tube heat exchangers, air coolers and screw compressors. The products can potentially be supplied to all industrial sectors, but Sinergia mainly turns to the oil & gas, energetic, petrochemical, mining, steel and cement sectors that require plants of air and gas treatment with outstanding performances and complex technical features. The manufactured machines have high specialization and personalization contents as they are developed as per the customer’s specifications.

  • Quality

    Sinergia’s typical features are high quality and reliability ensured by a vast experience, advanced competences and internationally recognized certifications. The production of machines with high technological contents is possible thanks to a joint collaboration of the entire company’s staff and to the exchange and cooperation with other industrial and engineering companies.

  • About Us

    Sinergia is located in Albino, a village of the Seriana Valley (Bergamo), where all activities such as selling, engineering, production and installation of the plants to be supplied are carried out. Sinergia’s team is composed of about 110 people who cooperate and work together every day creating thus a stimulating and pleasant environment of growth. All company’s values and the undertaken quality, environment and safety policy are shared and spread among the entire staff so to keep an effective and efficient integrated management system.

  • Our QHSE policy

    Our quality, environment and safety policy is known, shared, confirmed or renewed and spread within our group, so all that collaborators take actively part in the successful and efficient maintenance of the integrated management system, and continue to increase the awareness regarding the importance of their role in the reduction of their job's impact on the environment keeping also a constant attention in carrying out safely the delegated activities preventing any risk for their own or other people's health.

  • Sinergia QHSE Policy

foto bambina


This deeply poetic picture tells much about us, it “represents us”.

Looking carefully, you will see the child’s face expressing compression, the heart of all of our products at the service of compressed air; the dandelion flower, symbol of hope and trust, spreads its seeds far away, as we do with our plants; the various shades of “green”, our company’s colour represent the traits of each of us, everyone is a protagonist playing his own role in Sinergia.

Generally, this picture focuses the attention on health and environment, that, through our activity, we want to preserve in order to maintain an high quality in our life level.

  • Vision

    Sinergia wants to be the worldwide point of reference of the culture and excellence of compressed air and technical gases production and treatment systems. It offers the best products and grows and becomes leader of the high range by means of a continuous innovation, the use of the best technologies and the pursuit of beauty in everything it does.

  • Mission

    Thanks to the enthusiasm, teamwork and widespread values, Sinergia aims to the customer’s utmost satisfaction. Furthermore, it believes that it is essential to create a working place which is stimulating and safe for the staff and to safeguard the environment where it lives and works.

Sinergia can rely on several competitive factors. Among them stand out the commercial, engineering and production abilities that enable to develop specialized custom-made plants able to meet the most complex and cogent customers’ specifications. Furthermore, there are the excellent references thanks to which Sinergia has been included in the vendor lists of the major general international contractors, the possibility to propose itself to still unexplored markets that it might be able to satisfy as their needs are similar to the ones already known and the attention towards the staff, environment and safety.

  • 1996

    After the establishment in 1996, Sinergia starts to develop the manufacturing activities related to electric, control and automation panels mainly for air treatment plants. In order to meet the financial commitments, it also carries out some jobs on commission assembling small electronic components.

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  • 1998

    After two years, Sinergia works out an own development strategy that leads to the partnership with an important multinational compressor manufacturer that is still active. The development of turnkey compressor rooms enables Sinergia to perform a leading role in some important projects where the initial abilities in the electric, electronic and automation areas blend well with the new competences in compressed air giving rise to entirely automatized air distribution plants. Thanks to the development of some important projects, Sinergia starts to stand out in the reference market and triples its turnover for three years.

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  • 2002

    In 2002 this allows to cope serenely with the move to new premises of about 1.400 m2 with suitable spaces for offices, electric and mechanic workshops and assembling areas. The general rearrangement in the new area which became necessary because of the staff’s increase and the importance of the reference markets leads to the necessity to achieve in 2003 the quality certificate as per the ISO 9001 standard. In the same year there is the issuing of the PED directive for the regulation of the pressure equipment manufacturing for the European market. Sinergia’s strategy changes again believing in the pressure equipment production as a good business opportunity.

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  • 2005

    In 2005 the industrialization of some types of compressed air treatment machines such as dryers begins and soon there is the need for more production space. In 2006 Sinergia extends of another 1.000 m2 transferring the assembling area to the next building and enlarging the mechanical workshop.

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  • 2007

    In 2007 the organization’s quality is compared to a European model applied to companies of a similar productive sector and thus wins the Benchart award and is registered in the outstanding company’s catalogue of the Lombardia Region. The following year Sinergia ranks third in the Benchart award for technological innovation in the production sector and is reconfirmed in the outstanding company’s catalogue of the Lombardia Region. In the meantime the business management strategies lead to further important activities in research and development. The analysis of the possibility to introduce a type of compressor for hazardous installation areas with harsh ambient conditions in the products’ range is carried out. A typical market for these cases is the oil & gas sector. In order to satisfy such markets it becomes necessary to have the ASME certification for the design and manufacturing of pressure equipment for the American market which was achieved in 2008.

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  • 2008

    This certification turns out to be very important for the whole oil & gas sector which acknowledges the company’s ability of manufacturing at high quality standards. Thanks to the positive outcome of the market surveys, in 2008 a new company SINERGIA COMPRESSION is founded with the only aim to promote customized API 619 screw compressors in the international markets. Once again the company’s production area is enlarged of another 2.000 m2 and the spaces dedicated to the technical, commercial, purchases and administration offices are entirely changed and extended to about 700 m2. There is also an upgrading of the testing room for the performance of tests and the development of research and development projects for new engineering solutions.

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  • 2010

    To improve its organization as per the internationally defined schemes, in 2010 Sinergia achieves the ISO 14001 environmental certification and the OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certification. Furthermore, DELOITTE & TOUCH audits the accounts as per the IFRS international principles. From 2010 the research and development activities take shape in the manufacturing of five compressors for desert areas. The very good performances attained by these machines spread Sinergia’s success throughout the oil & gas sector and enable it to become part of the vendor lists of the main international EPC contractors. This causes again the need for more staff and spaces and therefore in 2013 a complete renovation of the headquarters is carried out. The offices are extended to a surface of about 1.000 m2.

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  • NOW

    In 2013 considerable economic results are obtained enabling to acquire the entire property in Via Volpera and to further widen the external spaces used for parking and the receipt of goods and give a new innovative appearance. In the same year research is carried out for the manufacturing of oxygen generators and for the cryogenic separation of air. In 2014 a new detached mechanical workshop is established where important machineries for the processing of the metal plates are introduced. The ISO EN1090 certification for the manufacturing of metal structures is achieved.

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